Classic Holiday, Sm

This reusable black tote will be a constant reminder of your generosity. Nestled atop this small tote is an assortment of gourmet foods including a classic selection of cheese, seasoned crackers, smoked almonds, caramel corn, decadent truffles, cookies, and pretzels! This gift is SURE to surprise and delight the recipients.

Also available in medium and large sizes.


SHIPPING: $19.95 - $28.95

We endeavor to provide the most reasonable shipping available. Due to recent changes in shipping fees based on the box size and the destination, we provide a shipping range now and will provide the actual fees when your order is processed. Gifts shipped to the West Coast will be in the lower range, East Coast likely in the upper range.
To order:
Please call (619) 562-0713 or toll-free (800) 755-2146.

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